My Favorite Spring Florals (+ simple ways to refresh your home)

Want to refresh your home for the spring but on a budget? Here are 3 very simple ways to do so:

1. Spring Florals

I know this one is a no brainer. But if there’s any decor you add to your home for spring, let it be this. Adding spring florals to your home is one of the easiest ways to freshen up your space without breaking the bank of buying new furniture. Below are my favorite florals:

2. Candles

I love bringing in not only lighter colors, but fresher scents for the spring. Im not too big on floral scents so my favorites are one with notes of citrus or any other fruits. 

3. Purge and declutter

Yes yes I know, we all heard this before. But you really can’t escape it and it’s one of the most satisfying things to do. Spring is all about renewal so take stock of what you have, donate items you don’t use anymore, and get things in order. 

Here’s a tip that helps me a lot when deciding whether to part ways with something or not: ask yourself “In a full year, did I use this thing at least once?” If the answer is no, then that means you a) either forgot about it and might have a use for it or b) that thing really isn’t essential to your life if you haven’t used it once throughout the seasons. In the case of clothes, ask yourself “Do I love the way I look in this and do I feel amazing when I wear it?”