5 Bookshelf Styling Tips

Bookshelf styling (or “shelfie” styling) can be a daunting task. Sure you can put books, but what about picture frames, decorative objects, plants, etc.?! The list can go on and it’s easy to get stuck on where to start.

Read on for 5 simple tips that help my shelfie styling game and make it look Insta-worthy!

Tip #1: Pick a color palette and stick to it

Keep your bookshelf’s color palette uniform and consistent. I try to stick to at most 3 colors. The easiest way to do this is to stick to two neutral colors – like black and white. Then add a pop of color. This will elevate the overall aesthetic by making it look refined and cohestive.

Tip #2: Add beautiful books

Look, sometimes the cover of that New York Times best seller really just kills your bookshelf vibe. Be a little picky about what books you want to display. So try not to put just any books you have around the house. Choose books with decorative spines or hues that adhere to your color palette.

Tip #3: Create Balance

When I first heard that decorating in odd numbers can help create a more balanced look, I thought it was a little strange. But it’s true. By odd numbers I mean decorating in 1, 3, 5, etc. items on each shelf. Try this the next time something doesn’t look quite right.

Tip #4: Add accents that balance each other out

One thing I love to do is create balance by adding a few metallic pieces along with earthy accents like plants, pampas grass, or a wooden board. Metallic objects add that pop of glam but is balanced by earthy objects that add life and an organic feel to your bookshelf.

Tip #5: Take a step back

Sometimes all you really need is to take a step back and look at the bookshelf as a whole and adjust. Is an arrangement just not working or doesn’t look right? Consider varying the size and height of some items. Is something too big? Maybe there’s too much items of the same height/shape on one shelf?