Amazon Prime Day Top 10

Well that’s a wrap… Prime Day quickly came and went so I wanted to round up everything you loved most. From home gadgets to tech and organization essentials, here are the top ten sellers this year.

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1. DRAWER ORGANIZERS – These come with 25 pieces so you can customize any arrangement to fit all your drawers.

2. CHUNKY GOLD EARRINGS – These designer-inspired chunky hoops look super luxe and are only $15. They’re not too heavy and come in silver as well.

3. FLUTED STORAGE BASKETS – These feel super lux and are so versatile. I use them in my office to store receipts and small office gadgets I use often.

4. CUBE TIMER – This productivity cube is really helpful at keeping me on track when I have a long to-do list.

5. DESK MAT – This large desk mat keeps your workspace organized and doubles as a mouse pad.

6. CORDLESS HAND VACUUM – This vacuum went viral last year when I shared it. It’s great at cleaning everyday small messes in your home and car. It comes with an attachment for hard to reach areas and another one for pet hair. It also has a button for quick and easy debris emptying.

7. TISSUE BOX COVER – This tissue box cover is so pretty – I have them all around my house. Plus, this one is super affordable and under $10.

8. PORTABLE POWER BANK – No more scrambling around for cords because this portable charger has everything you need build right in. It has a built-in outlet plug so you can easily charge it, a built-in iPhone charger, USB and USBC cords.

9. CANDLE WARMER LAMP – Not only does this allow you to burn candles without having to light them, but it doubles as chic décor.

10. CITRUS SQUEEZER – This continues to be a top seller. I especially love this one because it has a built-in strainer and integrated spout.