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Best Of Prime Day: Deals You Don’t Want to Miss

Amazon Prime Day officially here! Now is the perfect time to stock up on your faves and save on that big ticket item you've been wanting. The sale goes quick and deals pop up for a limited time, so I wanted to round up some items I know will be on sale, as well as a few I plan on picking up myself. I'm also sharing some tips for the best ways to shop. So, keep scrolling for all my Prime Day secrets :) Happy Prime Day!

Best Way To Shop

As I mentioned, the sale goes quick and some items only go on sale for a day or even a few hours. That being said, you really have to keep an eye on the daily deals. So, be sure to check out my Amazon Storefront where I’ve saved all my top picks, and follow me on Instagram where I’ll be sharing lightning deals as they pop up!

  • Dyson Cordless Vacuum: If you’re looking for a good quality vacuum that’s easy to use, look no further! I have the Dyson Outsize+ that’s also amazing if you have a lot of pets!
  • French Butter Crock: You have perfect, soft, and spreadable butter on demand which is amazing
  • ChomChom Pet Roller: I use this every single day on my couch! Trust me, I have a husky and this leaves my couch nearly hairless

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What I Already Own & Love

Love the minimal aesthetic of this! It fits your office décor perfectly

I’m amazed at the quality of this and it’s at a fraction of the cost of other brands! It comes with a silver knob and I bought this replacement brass knob set from Amazon to switch it out.

By now you know the hype about this TV – I constantly switch up my art by the season! This is also the cheapest I’ve seen it by far!

A great time to stock up on these! You can never have too many

This has seriously made the biggest difference in my skin

The BEST toothbrush that was actually recommended to me by my dentist! It has 7 smart modes to personalize your brushing and has a digital display that shows how long you’re brushing and coaches you along the way! So worth the price!

A viral most-loved item! The mess free spout is a game changer in my opinion

This one was also loved by so many when I shared it a while ago! The best vacuum for cleaning your car or hard to reach areas

Because who doesn’t love an organized drawer? These are practical and of course, aesthetic!

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