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Bookshelf Decor

Affordable bookshelf essentials you need!

It all started during quarantine when I decided to take a stab at caring for some houseplants. Pre-quarantine I was always in the office for most of the day and I only ever really went to home to change, head to the gym, eat, shower then sleep. It was a cycle. And the weekends I spent running errands. Needless to say I was never home.

So when quarantine started I decided to buy some houseplants. Then I realized I needed a cute way to display my houseplants. And that’s how it started. I live in an apartment so I wasn’t looking to spend too much on a bookshelf because I want to save for a huge one once I get a house.

After searching and searching, here are some cute and affordable bookshelf essentials I found:

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4-Tier Shelf

Cotton Rope Basket

Live Beautiful Book

Chanel Book

The Kinfolk Home Book

Homebody Book

White/Gold Planter

Pampas Grass

Gold Water Pot

2-Tier Plant Stand