4 Things Every Coffee Table Needs

After choosing the ideal coffee table for your living room based on shape, color, size, etc. here are 4 functional essentials that every coffee table needs! The next time you feel stuck on how to decorate your coffee table, these are a must to have:

1. Beautiful Books

These are super functional and practical to have on your table for guests to browse through or for you to pick up and look through on your spare time. Books that fit the aesthetic of your space is a definite must as well.

2. Flowers or plants

Having a pretty flower arrangement or plant is essential for your coffee table. You can choose the flower of the season or a faux plant that adds some greenery. I personally love adding long faux branches in a bottle shaped vase.

3. Candles

I love adding a candle to set the mood and add a light fragrance to your space. It also adds such a homey feel.

4. Coasters

These are a must for me to have on a coffee table. When I kick back on my couch with a drink I always like to have this within reach.