Home Santuary

I firmly believe in loving the space you’re in. During this challenging time while we’re all spending more time in our homes, it should be your sanctuary. It is ultimately the comfort of our own homes that will make us feel safe.

Creating your home sanctuary doesn’t have to be complicated. Think things like candles, soft lighting, and a clutter free space. It also means incorporating decor pieces that you love, and letting go of ones that you don’t. When you look at every corner of your home try to think about the kind of energy you feel. Does it make you feel good? Are you proud of it? Does it reflect your lifestyle and personal taste?

Here are 10 simple ways to bring a blissful sense of sanctuary to your home:


Lighting candles not only makes a home smell good, but it also adds a nice ambient light to your space. Plus, they’re usually housed in beautiful jars which can be used as home decor to match your aesthetic. You pretty much get 3 benefits added to your space!


Sticking to a common color palette, like neutral shades, are good choices for creating a relaxing home. Incorporating neutral wood shades wherever you can also creates a natural feeling and can calm your senses down. I like to stick with neutral shades like beige, ivory, or taupe and accent it with some brass and matte black.


I always try to get as much natural light as possible in my home. It sets your internal clock in motion and makes you feel more energized throughout the day. Open up your curtains or shades to bring in the daylight. To create a light & airy feel, opt for curtains that aren’t complete blackout curtains. I love look of filtered light that slightly sheer curtains give.

I currently use these Heavy Faux Linen Curtains from Amazon in the color Barley. They’re amazing quality for the price. Make sure to choose the correct length for your room!


It’s a no brainer. Make your bed, every morning when you wake. You’re just more productive, improves your mood, and just makes your entire room look instantly better. Here are 5 more reasons to make your bed every day.


A cluttered space leads to a cluttered mind. I understand that life gets busy and there will be times when you’re home gets a little unkept. To help alleviate the mess throughout the week, I like to do a quick clean up of my space whenever I’m done with what I’m doing. For example, when I’m done with work for the day, I tidy up my desk by quickly throwing away papers, putting my AirPods Pro and other miscellaneous items away, and taking any used coffee mugs or glasses to the kitchen sink. This act of “resetting your space” can be applied to just about anywhere in your home.


Indoor plants don’t just look good, but they help us feel good too. Adding these into your home can help create a calming oasis by bringing the outside in. Plus they’re therapeutic to care for. I like to add touches here and there to add some life to a room.


I can’t begin to explain the importance of gorgeous mirrors around your home. They add aesthetic and can make your space feel larger and more open. I’m someone who is definitely on the aesthetic Parisian-style mirror trend. Organic shaped mirrors are having a moment too & I’m here for it.

I personally have the first mirror and I’m obsessed!


This goes hand in hand with decluttering and resetting your space, but I like to keep the things I have in my home as organized as possible. It is a daunting task and it takes some work to upkeep, but it has made all the difference. Not only is it aesthetically pleasing to look at, but it just makes me feel at ease when I know exactly where everything is and I’m not having to rummage around to find something.

Turn it into a project and have fun with it! For my pantry containers, I bought multiple sizes of these airtight jars with bamboo lids from Amazon. And I got my Modern Pantry Labels from Etsy!


I personally think you can never have enough of these. They’re perfect for just about anything – jewelry, makeup, keys, or just simple home decor. I like to have neutral colored trays around my home so they can match just about anything.

Lately I’ve been crushing on these heart shaped trays. They’re more like bowls and small in size so they’re perfect for small jewelry like earrings or rings:

Some other catch all trays I’m crushing on:


Lastly, I’m a big advocate for mood lighting and layering light sources. Whether it be through a lamp, wall sconce, or pendant light, having control over the lighting in your home can help calm your senses. For lightbulbs, opt for those that are 3000K-3500K, I find that these are the perfect shade that isn’t too warm or cool. If your budget allows, smart lightbulbs where you can control the hue, brightness, and color right from your phone are amazing. It’s what I personally use in my office and bedroom. LED accent lights that you can put behind your TV are also a great way to add ambience.