Dresser Organization & Décor

I don’t know about you but I’ve been in the mood for some spring cleaning! Once the weather starts to warm up, I just crave a clean and organized home. That being said, I recently reorganized my dresser. While I was at it, I decided to redecorate it as well. So, if you find dressers hard to style or keep organized, then I’m sharing a few tips that make it easy.


  • Always start with an empty drawer — this is a great time to declutter and donate items you no longer use!
  • File fold your clothes – it makes it so easy to see what you have without having to pull something out to see what it is. Plus, it’s a space saver!
  • Group items by category by taking into account how many drawers you have and what will fit in each drawer.
  • Take time to research and see what drawer organizers make the most sense for your lifestyle and items you plan to store (e.g. drawer inserts vs drawer dividers).