How I Organize My Fridge

In case you missed it, I’ve been in a spring cleaning mood! From my drawers to my kitchen, and now my fridge, there’s nothing like a clean and organized home, am I right? So, if you love a tidy house and can’t resist a good clean out, then you’ll love today’s post! Here are a few ways I like to organize my fridge as well as some tips for making it look Pinterest worthy and functional.

In case you missed it, I filmed this Reel on exactly how organized my fridge!


  1. Start with a clean and empty fridge
    • This is a really great time to throw away anything that you’re not going to eat anymore, expired, etc. 
  2. Forget about the nice aesthetic, huge refrigerators you see on social media and how others organize their fridge
    • Organize it how it makes the most sense to you and your lifestyle — obviously you can refer to social media and Pinterest on how others organize a certain category if you feel stuck on what to do
  3. I’m not a huge believer in using containers or organizers for EVERYTHING in your fridge because it honestly sometimes takes up way more space. But, what I found is that there are certain things where this would make sense, for example:
    • Eggs – keeping them in something like this is a no brainer to keep your eggs protected, I love the one I featured in my Reel because you can just grab what you need and each row refills itself for next time.
    • Small items like yogurt cups, snack packs, cheese, etc. should go in is own container or something like this to keep it from going all over the place
    • Sauce bottles, salad dressings, jams, peanut butter, and any jars in general are easier to access from a lazy Susan so you can easily reach for what you need without knocking the rest down
    • Commonly used fruits and vegetables — this isn’t a dire need but I find it just easier to reach for these foods if they’re nicely displayed (which helps you eat healthier which is a win to me!)
  4. As I mentioned, organize your fridge with what makes the most sense to you. I could provide you a layout of how my fridge is but it’s not a one size fits all so it really comes down to taking inventory of the common things you have in your fridge and organize it accordingly
  5. I always like to leave room for a “flex” space where we store leftovers or any rotating item we may have in the fridge for that week

For more of my organization favorites, I save everything to my Amazon Storefront. Happy organizing!