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My Amazon Home Finds That Went Viral

The Amazon finds you all loved and went viral (for a reason).

There’s one thing I know for certain and it’s that you guys love a good Amazon home find as much as I do. I share a lot of Amazon finds, so I wanted to round up the ones that actually went viral. So, here are the top Amazon finds I’ve shared in the past and inspired you most to buy for your home.

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1. Electric Candle Warmer

2. Glass Dry-Erase Board + Rechargeable Task Light Combo

3. Reusable Glass Straws

4. Museum Gel + Drawer Organizers

5. Beige Desk Pad

6. KitchenAid Silicone Oven Mitts

7. LED Candles

8. Textured Beige Throw (a great dupe of Parachute’s linen gauze throw)

9. Handheld Shark Vacuum

10. Acrylic Shower Shelves

11. Checkered Blanket

12. Canned Shaped Glasses

13. Nugget Ice Machine

14. Linen Curtains (I have the color Barley)