Here are the kitchen essentials that we either use almost everyday or are just staple items to have in your kitchen. I feel like my fiancé and I are in between those people who never cook at all vs avid home cooks, so I feel these tools are the perfect middle ground.

SILICONE OVEN MITTS – I love how you can easily wash these off!

GOLD MEASURING CUPS & SPOONS – Aesthetic and functional!

MATERIAL KITCHEN KNIFE BLOCK – I actually just got this in a couple weeks ago and I’m already obsessed. Looks so sleek and saves space in comparison to a knife block.

NESRESSO – I have the Gran Lattissima but the Lattissima One machine is pretty much the same thing and a little bit more budget friendly!

HEAVY DUTY CHIP CLIPS – Not only do these work great, but they’re aesthetic as well.

ALLCLAD PANS – Definitely worth it to splurge on quality cookware.

NUTRIBULLET – Perfect for smoothies and doesn’t take up too much space.

KITCHENAID CAN & BOTTLE OPENER – I love that this is a two in one!

ZULAY MILK FROTHER – Even if you don’t froth cold foam all the time, this tool comes in handy just for mixing anything!

SILICONE SPATULA SET – What’s not to love about this chic set?

REUSABLE GLASS STRAWS – Reusable glass straws.

NUGGET ICE MACHINE – A splurge but a game changer for iced coffee, cocktails, etc.


PANTRY JARS (here & here) – Perfect for baking and pantry staples.

SPICE JARS & DRAWER ORGANIZERS – I re-used old Trader Joe’s spices for mine but they have a ton of options on Amazon to achieve the same look.

ZIPLOCK ORGANIZERS – Look so much better in your drawers but also keep things organized.