My Sunday Reset & Spring Cleaning Essentials

One thing I love to do on Sunday is clean, reset and restock for the week ahead. To me, there’s nothing better than waking up to a clean and restocked home Monday morning. I guess it’s my way of starting the week off on the right foot while also making Monday a little less painful. In case you missed it, here’s how I like to restock my beverage drawer (aka my favorite drawer) which is just one thing I like to do on Sunday. I’m also sharing a few of my favorite cleaners and supplied down below. Happy cleaning!


Since I have 3 dogs I always stick to plant based cleaners or anything non-toxic so it has clean ingredients or made without harsh chemicals. I like to deep clean my kitchen, unload the dishwasher, and restock my fridge and anything else that’s running low. Having the right products actually makes this process a lot easier. So, I’ll use stainless steel cleaner to get stains off my faucet and appliances. This granite cleaner is great for natural stone countertops, and this scrub daddy works so well for buildup and lasts so much longer than other sponges.


With 3 dogs the shedding is no joke! That being said, I have to vacuum at least once a week. I invested in the Dyson Outsize+ which was a splurge but totally worth it! If you have pets, I also highly recommend the Bissel Pet Pro Carpet Cleaner which is great for pet accidents and stains. I’m linking a few more of my cleaning essentials down below.