Fair warning, this is probably the most random shopping haul ever.

I’ve been sick for the past two weeks and spent the majority of that time bedridden. But in between sleeping, watching Netflix, and more sleeping… I shopped 🙂 Below is everything I ordered or was delivered in the span of a little over a week:

(in alphabetical order)

Checkered Microfiber Cloth // Checkered Sherpa Pouch // Cotton Powder Puffs // Crate & Barrel Pedestal // Crate & Barrel Taper Holder // Full Length Floor Mirror // Hair Tool Organizer // Joah Brown Body Tank // Long Sleeve Bodysuit // Outlet Cover Nightlight // Ripple Glasses // Simple Modern Tumbler // Transparent Post-Its // Travertine Canister // Travertine Fluted Vase // Travertine Match Holder

Shall I do more of these? Comment below!

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