Three Coffee Table Looks

I love styling coffee tables. They’re super versatile and can be updated and changed with the seasons easily. I had so much fun styling my new coffee table and came up with three different looks using the same books as the base and just switching up the decorting objects.

Here are the details:

1. Ivory Cement Coffee Table

I have the square shape, from CB2!

2. Coffee Table Books

You can find all of the coffee table books I used on my Amazon page. They’re super affordable and neutral so they can be paired with any decor object you like! I always take off the cover so I’m left with just the base of the book which is, most of the time, a solid color.

Bloomist has the most beautiful organic and earthy decor. They have an amazing variety of decorative link/chain objects. I personally have the first picture and im obsessed!

4. Taper Candleholders

5. Magnolia Stoneware Bowl

6. Terra-cotta Cream Vase