TV Console Styling

I’ve recently posted that I just moved into a new place so I took this opportunity to also do a full furniture refresh. Since furniture refreshes are very pricey, I like to work on one thing at a time. So, I started with a TV console first.

I’m not too picky on brand when it comes to TV consoles, but I had some criteria:

  1. I wanted a minimal one that can match with just about anything and timeless so I can use it for years.
  2. I didn’t want to cheap out on this, but I also didn’t want to spend a crazy amount. I aimed for $500 or less.

After searching and searching I came across this super sleek, modern, TV console from AllModern. I love the low profile and bonus point for LED lighting built in!

Next up, decor.

My favorite part. I always love incorporating tall branches in my decor to add verticality to my space and it also adds a sculptural element. I found some amazing faux Eucalyptus stems from a boutique home decor site that I’m obsessed with and styled the look with 3 stems. Also, since Valentines Day is coming up, a heart shaped wood bowl added a nice festive touch.

Shopping links below!

** Sadly the Threshold x Studio McGee Weathered Jug is sold out 🙁 But if you search for it on Google you’ll see a ton on sites like Mercari, Poshmark, or Ebay! I have the large size. **

Eucalyptus Stems // Wood Heart Bowl // Black Vases // Rabbit Tail Grass // Live Beautiful Book // Homebody Book